The Grahamtown Team

Welcome to Grahamtown in Forest City, NC!!



The Grahamtown Team (G Team) is an organization made up of citizens from Rutherford County who have an interest in serving their communities.  The G Team is focused on the Grahamtown Neighborhood located in Forest City, NC.  It is the responsibility of this team to provide programs and services that support the development and healthy living of individuals within this community and Rutherford County as a whole. The G Team has been established for 10 years and has contributed greatly to the Grahamtown neighborhood.  The team has collaborated with the Town of Forest City to modify homes and clean-up the Grahamtown area.  They  have hosted multicultural events to foster awareness and they continue to focus on creating  environments that produce healthy living such as the Community Garden where individuals can grow organic and healthy produce.  The G Team is led by professionals, farmers and individuals that want to support healthy living, education and youth in Rutherford County.  The desire to see a healthy change in the people and the neighborhood is what makes this organization thrive.


The GCC will house an up to date technology  center that will be used for presentations, meetings, movie nights, computer classes, community events and great times.  Managed by the Grahamtown Team the center offers opportunities for educational classes, non-profit agencies, small groups, and youth activities.  For more information, to schedule an event or to collaborate on community events give us a call at 828-229-3380. We welcome our community to participate in events and upcoming activities as they are scheduled at the GCC and at the Community Garden on Gypsy Street.


The Community Garden is a healthy component of the Grahamtown Team (G Team) Organization.  The garden is located in the heart of Grahamtown and all are welcome to come and learn about the Garden or even purchase a gardening bed to grow their own crops for a small fee of $20 annually.  If you like to plant year round and are interested in acquiring a bed in the Hoop House, the cost is only $35.  The Hoop House is  properly ventilated for the summer and winter months allowing great crops year round.  The G Team works with community partners, schools and students to  plant, grow and harvest fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the Garden.  The Garden is located on Gypsy Street in the      Grahamtown Community of  Forest City, NC .